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Cabby takes wrong turn and crashes through wall on 5th storey of building in Busan

BUSAN - A cabby, who took a wrong turn, crashed through a wall in the parking lot on the 5th storey of a supermarket in Busan, South Korea.

A witness told reporters: "I was sitting in the store, and there was a loud thunder, so when I opened the store door, the taxi was down. It fell and crashed into the car."

The accident that happened on Dec 30 left eight injured and damaged more than 13 cars, according to media reports.

The cabby, who is in his 70s, was taken to hospital where he died shortly.

A dashcam from a car at the intersection shows the cab "flying out" of the Homeplus supermarket wall.

It crashes onto the road about 20 metres from the building, crosses the centre line before bouncing off the side of the road, then catches fire from the impact.

A police spokesman from Yeonje Police Station on Monday (Jan 10), together with the National Forensic Service, said that investigations showed the cabby driving slowly for about three seconds, before he accelerated.

As the crash caused too much damage to the taxi and led to an engine fire, it was difficult to identify defects in the vehicle, the police added.

More investigations are ongoing to analyse the automatic data recording device, and a drug test on the cabby is being conducted.

Said the police: "We will know the exact details only when the results of the forensics come out, but the possibility of vehicle defects such as sudden acceleration seems to be low."

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