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Chef fondles himself, adds bodily fluids to woman's water bottle

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A man who allegedly masturbated and ejaculated into a woman's water bottle was arrested in Malaysia on Friday (July 3).

Police officers and members of Community Policing (CP) cornered the 29-year-old man at about 11pm as he was leaving a restaurant where he works as a chef.

The suspect is believed to have masturbated in the lobby of a hotel in Selangor on April 22.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera footage of the incident went viral after it was posted online.

In the video, a man is seen wandering around a hotel lobby while fondling his crotch.

He takes a pink water bottle from the concierge counter and allegedly ejaculates into it.

He then shakes the bottle, places it back and leaves the hotel.

A nasty taste

The water bottle belonged to a female clerk, who drank from it minutes later and found a nasty taste. 

Assistant Commissioner Razimi Ahmad confirmed that the clerk made a police report about the incident.

Members of CP's citizen's arrest team approached the suspect outside the restaurant on Friday night.

The man started sprinting towards his car, only to be met by police officers.

CP Malaysia founder Kuan Chee Heng said the suspect is unmarried and has a history of sexual offences having been arrested twice for hiding in female toilets to spy on women.

"Looks like his old habits never change. I asked him why he had to do that to the woman's bottle. You know what he said? 'I cannot tahan ​(Hokkien and Malay for withstand)'," said Mr Kuan.

He added: "Who knows what unwanted things he has added into the dishes!"

The suspect was taken to Puchong Jaya police station for questioning on Saturday morning (July 4).

Source: The Star Online

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