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Child bites her rapist's penis

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A rapist who didn't know when to stop got what he deserved when his 12-year-old victim fought back and drew blood by chomping on his penis.

Sources told the New Straits Times (NST) that the rapist, who works as a fishmonger in Kuching, Sarawak, brought his victim to an abandoned house and raped her.

After he had finished raping her, he tried to force the girl to perform oral sex on him.

However, the plucky child bit back – literally.

NST's source said: "Taking her chance, the victim bit the suspect’s private part until it bled."

Wracked with pain, the injured suspect sent the victim home, where she informed her mother about what had happened.

A report was lodged with the police, who picked up the suspect and sent him to hospital to examine his injuries while opening investigations.

Separate case

In another case of rape, The Star Online reported that a woman was raped in her house after she was attacked by an armed intruder who entered her Petaling Jaya home via her kitchen roof.

According to police, the victim heard her doorbell ring several times at around 11.30am, but chose to ignore it.

She was later stunned to find that the man had entered her room before she was tied up and raped at knife point.

The suspect (police photofit, inset) entered the victim's home via a hole he had made in her roof. PHOTO: THE STAR ONLINE

The rapist left the premises after stealing three rings, an earring, a mobile phone and some cash.

According to The Star Online, the man used a ruse to gain access to the area by telling the security guard on duty that he was there to repair a faulty telephone line.

The suspect is still at large, although police have released an approximate likeness via a photofit (above, inset).

Sources: New Straits Times, The Star Online

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