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China must be ready to face ‘concentrated risks’: Xi Jinping

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BEIJING: China is entering a period where it faces "concentrated risks" - economically, politically and diplomatically - and the country must be able to fight and win against those who challenge the country's bottom lines, Chinese President Xi Jinping said yesterday.

Mr Xi is gearing up to mark the highly sensitive anniversary of 70 years since the founding of communist China on Oct 1 with a massive military parade in Beijing and will want to ensure nothing overshadows the festivities.


But Mr Xi and his ruling Communist Party, which values stability above all else, are facing a series of difficulties and setbacks, from a slowing economy amid a bruising trade war with the US to violent protests in Hong Kong.

Speaking at the Central Party School, which trains rising officials destined for higher office, Mr Xi said there must be a "resolute struggle" against any risks and challenges to the party's leadership, the country's sovereignty and security and anything that threatens the country's core interests.

"As long as it comes, we must carry out a resolute struggle, and we must achieve victory," state media cited Mr Xi as saying.

"At present and in the future, China's development has entered into a period where risks and challenges continue to increase or are becoming concentrated. The major struggles to be faced will not become less," he added.

Mr Xi said those struggles covered the economy, politics, culture, society, the environment, defence, Hong Kong, Taiwan and diplomacy.

"They will become even more complex," he added.

Party officials must be clear-headed about where the risks are and how to recognise them, Mr Xi said.

"Cadres in leadership positions must be warriors who dare to struggle and are good at struggle," he added. - REUTERS