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Chinese celebrities doxxed after condemning animal abuse

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Chinese actresses Zhang Xinyu and Zhao Lusi were doxxed by some netizens after the popular celebrities called out against animal cruelty amid recent cases of cat abuse.

Their private information – such as national ID details, ethnicity, birth dates and phone numbers – was illegally obtained and released in a Telegram chat group. Members in the group, called Jie Ke La Tiao Fans, commented that the actresses are cat lovers and that the members are now being scolded by Zhao even if they do not work in the media industry.

This came after Zhang posted comments on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo platform on May 24 that stressed her opposition towards animal abuse and called for laws against such behaviour.

She said: “I oppose animal abuse and the spreading of videos of the cruel acts, as children will mimic what they see in the videos.

“We call for laws against animal abuse. This is not only aimed at protecting the poor cats and dogs, but also to protect the mental health of our youth!”

It was unclear what Zhao had said in her call against animal cruelty.

Zhang and Zhao have starred in popular Chinese television shows such as The Romance Of The Condor Heroes, The Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils, and Untouchable Lovers.

Popular talk-show host Jin Xing was also not spared by doxxers after she called out against cat abuse recently.

The issues of animal abuse and the exposé of celebrities’ personal particulars became trending topics on Weibo on Thursday, with related topics being viewed nearly 300 million times on the same day, the Global Times reported.

Internet influencer Jie Ke La Tiao, who has 21,000 fans on Weibo, and his followers caused outrage online for abusing cats by killing and burning them. These acts were recorded, posted and sold online.

Jie Ke La Tiao, whose real name is reportedly Xu Zhihui, was detained in April by local police for disrupting social order after netizens reported him for abusing cats and spreading the videos on Chinese instant messaging app QQ.

Xu asked for forgiveness on Weibo on April 27 and vowed to love animals the same way he loves his life.

He said: “I have repented; please give me a chance.”

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