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Civil servant in Malaysia sex video scandal sacked

This article is more than 12 months old

PETALING JAYA : The senior civil servant who alleged a Malaysian minister was the man with him in a series of gay sex videos has been sacked by the ministry he was working for.

Mr Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz was the private secretary to the Deputy Primary Industries Minister.

The Ministry said it viewed the "sordid" admission by Mr Haziq over viral sex videos implicating a minister seriously.

"The Ministry views this as a very serious violation of its values, ethics and the Code of Conduct, Public Officers Regulations.

"The Ministry wishes to categorically assert that it will never tolerate any such scandalous behaviour among any of its staff that brings the Ministry into disrepute and odium.

"With this, the Ministry completely disassociates itself from Haziq Abdullah," it said in a statement yesterday.

The Ministry said it proceeded to terminate his contract of service effective June 18, 2019.

The Ministry had previously issued Mr Haziq a show-cause letter, which the latter responded to.

Last Wednesday, Mr Haziq admitted that he was one of the two men seen in a sex video that had been making its rounds on social media and WhatsApp.

He also claimed that the other person was Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

Mr Azmin has denied any involvement in the sex video and called it a nefarious plot to destroy his political career.

In a related development, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Mr Azmin does not need to take leave from his duties, while the police investigate the sex video implicating him.

When asked about calls for Mr Azmin to take leave, Dr Mahathirsaid: "Why? They (police) can continue with the investigation.

"He (Azmin) is not going to be an obstruction to the investigation," Dr Mahathir said to reporters at the Prime Minister's Department Hari Raya open house yesterday.

When asked about previous calls by Pakatan Harapan for Barisan Nasional ministers to take leave or resign when there was an investigation, Dr Mahathir said if the probe was over some wrongdoing or crime, the person should take leave.

"But this is a political thing. In fact, it is intended to embarrass him (Azmin) and to ask him to take leave.

"I don't like this kind of political (play)," he said. - THE STAR