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Cleaner vomits from stench after Chinese man holes up in hotel room for a month

Imagine a stench so bad it made a cleaner vomit. 

This didn’t emit from a garbage site or a morgue, but from a hotel room in Guizhou, China, after a man had cooped himself up in there for more than a month.  

Housekeepers of the hotel were greeted by a pile of mess and a foul stench when the man finally agreed to let them in to clean the place. 

The man, said to be in his 20s, had repeatedly refused to allow the cleaners into his room. He finally relented after the hotel threatened to make him pay extra charges. 

Three cleaners entered the room to find piles of empty food containers, water bottles and toilet paper strewn all over. 

One of them vomited because of the foul stench.

A staff member said the man did not leave the room throughout his stay as he spent his days in there gaming. 

He would order food delivery and request that the hotel provide him with two bottles of water every day. 

"Every time we delivered water to his room, he opened the door slightly to receive the water, then closed the door," the hotel's manager said. 

The manager also said the room deposit of 100 to 200 yuan (S$21 to $42) was barely enough to cover the costs of the damage the young man incurred. 

"We're worried that something would happen to the guests if they remain in their rooms for too long.

"The man apologised for causing trouble. He seemed normal so we did not think of calling the police. We also told him that he has to allow our staff to clean the room or pay a compensation fee." 

The young man has since been moved to another room in the hotel.