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Cyclist knocks down toddler and blames shortened CCTV footage for destroying his life

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A British computer games design graduate has come under fire after CCTV footage was released recently on how he had knocked over a three-year-old girl, Lucie Wilding, while he was cycling.

His beef with the released footage?

That some netizens who watched the video have slammed him for what he deems as an inaccurate reflection of what happened that day.

This is because what has been released is a "short version" of the footage and Mr Holland has alleged that the full video will show a lot more.

The Independent, and Mail Online reported that Mr Andrew Holland said that the CCTV footage has "destroyed" his life.

Testimony from Lucie's mother, Madam Lauren Howarth, 26, on how Mr Holland had swore after he knocked her daughter down has served to paint him in a bad light as well.

Mr Holland has since disputed Lucie's mum's claim about him swearing and said that when he had fallen off his bike during the accident, he was in shock but had apologised to her.

So who's lying?

According to the video, it wasn't clear if it was a hit and run.

Mr Holland was cycling fast on the pedestrian pavement when Lucie ran out from her house suddenly.

He hit her and she was dragged by his bicycle for about 4m, reports said.

Lucie (pictured below) suffered cuts and bruises to her face.


​The Lancashire Police confirmed that Mr Holland had turned himself in voluntarily the day after the incident and that they have told him that he may be summoned for dangerous cycling.

The Blackpool Gazette reported Lucie's mother's version of events.

“Lucie came out of our garden and this cyclist just whacked her. He just came out of nowhere, it happened in the blink of an eye. I hadn’t seen him but I never thought I’d have to look left and right coming from your doorstep.

“He hit her and the bike carried her along the front of our house, about 10 feet, then he fell off and it sort of released her and she was just lying there. For a second I thought he’d killed her. All of a sudden she let out this piercing scream, I’ve never heard a cry like it.”

She added that Mr Holland wasn't apologetic for his actions.

“I was expecting him (the cyclist) to say ‘I’m so sorry, is everyone okay?’ or something like that but there was nothing. As soon as he got up he started swearing at us, as if it was Lucie’s fault that he had hit her. The next thing we knew he’d gone and we’ve not heard from him since.”

But Mr Holland claimed he had apologised to her soon after he had knocked her daughter down.

And that he had, on his own accord, also e-mailed an apology to the family.

Mr Holland said that being accused of being a "dangerous hit-and-run cyclist" has ruined his reputation and that he isn't one.

WATCH: Cyclist knocks over toddler


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