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Dismembered body of flashy crypto influencer found in suitcase in Argentina

Chopped-up remains of crypto influencer Fernando Perez Algaba have been discovered in a suitcase by a stream in Buenos Aires, according to media reports.

The red suitcase was found last weekend in Argentina’s capital by children playing nearby and their parents alerted the police.

The police found the victim’s legs and forearm in the piece of luggage, and a whole arm in the stream later, according to the New York Post.

The victim was identified by his tattoos and fingerprints.

An autopsy revealed that Mr Algaba was shot before his body was segmented.

Mr Algaba, who was in his late 30s or early 40s, was reportedly from Argentina and lived in Spain. He was visiting Argentina, where he was murdered.

His head and torso were found on Wednesday after a search, reported Spanish-language news publication El Pais.

It was believed that Mr Algaba might have been killed over his debts, reported the New York Post.

This was despite his Instagram account – with more than 900,000 followers – showing his flashy lifestyle with jet ski rides and luxury cars.

It was said that Mr Algaba had a rags-to-riches story. At 14, he sold sandwiches and delivered pizzas in his home town.

This was before he started buying vehicles to repair and resell.

By 24, the entrepreneur had motorcycles, jet skis and high-end cars. In the years before his death, Mr Algaba was into cryptocurrency investments.

Before he was killed, it was reported that there were “disturbing and chilling posts” on his social media, reported MailOnline.

One of the messages had an audio recording about “evil people thinking of destroying you” and another about how “we cannot escape from problems and that problems will follow us”.