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'Don't monkey with an ape': Orang utan's message to intruder

RIAU - An orang utan at the Kasang Kulim Zoo decided to send a loud and clear message to an intruder who had violated the zoo's safety rules on Monday (June 6): "Don't monkey with an ape."

The youth, identified as Hasan Arifin, had allegedly hopped over a barrier that separates the animals from visitors just to take a video. It is believed the 19-year-old had taunted the orang utan in the process.

The zookeeper told reporters later: “The visitor wanted to take a video to create content without permission.

"He crossed the safety distance barrier. This was idiotic, stupid behavior."

He added: "It also put himself and others in great danger. It violates the rules. We have already reprimanded the man. Please take the rules seriously."

In the video footage, Arifin is seen yanking his arm away but the orang utan grabs his shirt and draws him closer to the cage.

Someone jumps in and tries to free him from the primate's grip, but it manages to get hold of the youth's leg and attempts to flip him over.

In a second video of the incident, Arifin manages to escape but not before the orang utan trying to bite his foot.

Balai Besar KSDA Riau, a local government organisation in a social media post said the young man had taken advantage of the zookeepers' break time to trespass.

“The management found out after the news went viral on social media,” the post read.

Arifin has since apologised for his action in a video that was shared on Kusang Kulim Zoo's Instagram page on Tuesday.



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