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Durian seller 'spits' on fruits while packing

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Malaysian police said they will be contacting a man who allegedly "spat" into packets of durian he was wrapping. They want to get his statement on the matter.

On Wednesday (May 18) night, a two-minute video of a man apparently spitting into packets of durian he was wrapping went viral on social media.

It was shared on WhatsApp and Facebook, drawing the ire and disgust of netizens, reported The Star.

The video shows the man at a durian stall, believed to be in Sri Gombak in Kuala Lumpur, wrapping individual packets of the fruit.

Before he covers each packet with cling film, he makes a movement with his head over the exposed fruit, which led many on social media to conclude that he was spitting on them.

Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Ali Ahmad told The Star Online that the police would take action if it was determined the man did something wrong.


"We will call the worker involved and will investigate the matter.

"If we find that there was any wrongdoing, we will take action in accordance with the law," he said.

Police patrol cars went to the durian vendor's stall on Wednesday night, but the seller was not there.

Said AC Ali: "We have to determine what actually happened and will look into the matter from all angles.

"We need to determine if he was actually spitting."

He also confirmed that the stall workers were Indonesian.

When asked if it was a crime to spit into food produce, AC Ali responded by saying that it would be a breach of by-laws.

"If he did indeed spit, then we will take the appropriate action and leave it to the relevant authorities," he said.

A video has also surfaced on social media showing what appears to be residents confronting the durian seller at his stall and scolding him.

It was learnt that a large crowd had gathered at the stall, forcing the workers to pack the goods on a lorry and leave.

The stall is said to have remained closed on Thursday.

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