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Elderly couple in Malaysia robbed three times in three weeks

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IPOH – In the span of 20 days, an elderly couple in Malaysia was robbed three times. Now, they are living in terror and dreading when the next break-in will take place.

Retired teacher Chan Liew Chan, 71, was traumatised by the incidents and now awakens at the slightest of sounds at her home in Taman Ria, Bercham.

“I hope and pray that there won’t be a fourth time,” she said during a press conference at her home on Saturday, organised by Perak’s Malaysian Chinese Association public service and complaints bureau chief Low Guo Nan.

Madam Chan lives with her 80-year-old husband Tou Kum Hin, who suffered a stroke nine years ago.

The couple had personal documents, money and jewellery worth about RM26,000 ($7,630) stolen on May 2, May 11 and May 24.

“In the third incident, two men wearing masks kicked open the door of my bedroom, which is on the ground floor. One of them pointed a knife at me and told me to be quiet, while the other ransacked our home,” said Madam Chan.

She added: “I was pushed during the robbery and fractured my right knee. We lost various personal documents, including our MyKads, ATM cards, credit cards, a car key, mobile phones, laptop, handbags and a shaver.”

MyKads are the Malaysian equivalent of an NRIC.

Recounting the first incident, Madam Chan said: “We were only aware that our house had been broken into and ransacked after we woke up.”

She said she believed the same burglars were responsible for the second break-in.

“My husband and I were terrified and dared not come out from our room after we heard noises. There was an attempt to break into our room, but I pounded on the door and shouted, which scared them away.”

Expressing hope that the police will beef up patrols, Madam Chan said there had already been a few break-ins in the area, adding that she believed burglars had targeted her house for some time.

Meanwhile, Mr Low stressed the need for people to be vigilant, and to not be overly reliant on the police.

“There are quite a number of senior citizens in this area, and they are worried that they could be targeted next,” he said. - THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK