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Especially for the phallic-hearted: Thai Milk Tea served in penis-shaped bags

This article is more than 12 months old

Only in Thailand will you find such a brazzen, unconventional way of sipping milk tea. 

An iced milk tea store in the Songkhla province has garnered some attention recently for their unique drink packet design – which, for some reason, is shaped like a penis.  

Filled to the brim – or the tip in this case – with cold refreshing tea, the idea is perhaps to provide customers with a… pleasurable drinking experience.

Apparently, there are two ways you can drink from it, either from the top with a straw, or from the bottom.

And for those not keen on milk tea, there are other iced beverages to choose from, such as Ovaltine and cocoa.

It’s not all that hard to see why these packets have become viral.

In the comments section, some Thai netizens have even sought advice on the best ways to carry and sip from the massive… packet.

If you manage to get your hands on one of these cool beverages on your next trip to the Land of Smiles, let us know about your drinking experience. 

The shop is in front of Seven Lam Plai (Red water shop facade), Songkhla province (open from 10am-8pm; Fridays open 2pm-8pm).

Was it too much of a mouthful? Did you sip too quickly and cause the packet to burst? 

We really have so many questions. 


UPDATE: Cafe stops sale of phallic milk tea bags due to ‘sensitive issues’ 

In a Facebook post on Thursday (May 26), Chadeen (the cafe) announced the discontinuation of the phallic drink carriers. 

Thanking the public for their support – and their 15 minutes of fame – they said the sale of the bags had sparked some “sensitive issues”.

Photos on Chadeen’s Facebook page show how the cafe had previously experimented with many different drink-packet shapes and designs – before the penis-shaped bag idea hit the mark.

A short-lived sensation, but hey, at least they got people to take notice of them.