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Fireman risks his life to rescue baby goat in Johor floods

This article is more than 12 months old

JOHOR BARU - A Malaysian fireman risked his own life to rescue a baby goat from drowning during a recent rescue operation to help flood evacuees at Kampung Melayu Bukit Batu in Johor’s Kulai district on March 3.

“My men were carrying out a rescue operation in the area when they spotted the kid on top of a pile of sand. It was in danger of being submerged by floodwater,” said Johor Fire and Rescue Department acting director Mohd Rizal Buang.

Immediately, one of the firemen, Mr Charlsrickson James jumped out of the boat the firemen were on to rescue the kid.

He waded through strong currents to save the animal from drowning, said Mr Rizal.

Mr Rizal applauded the action of his men, especially Mr James for saving the young goat and ensuring it could be reunited with its owner.

Mr Rizal also shared a story about his close encounter with a wild animal while accompanying Johor Prince Tunku Abu Bakar Sultan Ibrahim who was food supplies to Orang Asli villagers in a rural area in Kluang district on March 4.

The Prince, Mr Rizal and other people were in a convoy of boats on Sungai Kahang when they spotted an elephant swimming across the river to get to higher ground to escape rising flood waters.

“We slowed our boats to let the elephant swim past us,” said Mr Rizal.

Mr Rizal said those who come across wild animals should not try to get close or even attempt to capture them on their own for safety reasons. They should instead contact authorities such as the Fire and Rescue Department or the Wildlife and National Parks Department. - THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK