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Flight delayed after firemen spray wrong plane with foam

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Firefighters rushed to the runway of a Chinese airport to put out a fire, only to target the wrong plane.

The Fuzhou Airlines plane was left covered in foam and unable to take off from Fuzhou Changle International Airport.

Passengers had to disembark, and the aircraft left Fuzhou city for Jinan city after a seven-hour delay.

Incidentally, it was the pilots of the Fuzhou Airlines plane who had called in the fire service after spotting sparks from an engine of an Air China plane.

Eight fire engines arrived at the scene within minutes. But by then, the Air China aircraft had already shut off its engines.

South China Morning Post reported that the firefighters drove past the Air China plane and targeted the Fuzhou Airlines plane instead, covering it with foam, which was meant to cool the plane.

The firefighters' team leader later said they had spotted smoke from an engine of the Fuzhou Airlines jet, reported Shanghai Daily.

The Air China flight was cancelled and the runway was closed for about 90 minutes.

Six flights were diverted to other airports, while around 24 flights were delayed from taking off, reported Shanghai Daily.

Sources: Shanghai Daily, South China Morning Post

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