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Gatecrasher caught eating at two Johor Bahru wedding banquets in a night

A man posing as a wedding singer was caught attempting to eat at not one, but two banquets in Johor Bahru before he was asked to leave the restaurant on Saturday.

The incidents were revealed by a wedding emcee known as Fat Cat, who wrote on Facebook that he encountered the man at a restaurant in Johor Jaya on Saturday, China Press reported.

The man, who was dressed appropriately as one would to attend a wedding dinner, gave his well wishes to the unsuspecting newly-weds when he arrived at the venue before approaching the appointed singers at the stage, said Fat Cat.

He was balding, looked to be in his 50s and had a slight paunch, according to a photographer at the same banquet.

The man said he could sing, and even asked if the singer could hire him, but was rejected.

His next move was to sit at a table with guests from the bride’s side, claiming he was invited by the bride’s family.

According to Fat Cat, the bride’s family said they had not met this man before and upon checks, found out he was not invited by the groom’s family. They politely asked the man to leave.

However, the man only left that banquet hall and proceeded to enter a neighbouring one to eat and drink at another ongoing wedding dinner. He finally left after being asked by restaurant staff who discovered him.

The incident went unnoticed by other guests, Fat Cat told China Press, adding that he had requested the bridal party to deal with it without drawing too much attention.

“If there was really a problem, they would have to seek the proper avenues for help. It was really embarrassing,” he said.

According to local media, there have been prior incidents of uninvited guests looking for a free meal at weddings in Johor Bahru. Some newly-weds wave it off as an act of charity and most of these freeloaders leave on their own accord during the toasting segments of the wedding.

Earlier in November, Malaysian singer Jacqueline Ng also encountered multiple uninvited attendees at her wedding banquet in Penang, after her own guests informed her of the gatecrashers.

She told the Oriental Daily News that she estimated around 10 people had showed up at her wedding uninvited, forcing her to reassign seating for some invited relatives across different tables.