Girl, 3, survives wild ride caught in tail of giant kite

This article is more than 12 months old

TAIPEI A three-year-old girl entangled in the tail of a giant kite survived a terrifying ride after being swept more than 30m into the air during a kite festival in Taiwan, video footage posted on social media on Sunday showed.

Horrified spectators screamed as the girl was catapulted high above them, where she was spun helplessly at the end of the kite's long orange streamer.

It took some 30 seconds before she was pulled back to the ground by members of the crowd as the kite was brought back under control.

Identifying the girl solely by the surname Lin, local news reports said she suffered, amazingly, only minor cuts.

Organisers cut short the festival in Hsinchu city in northwestern Taiwan after the incident. - REUTERS