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Girl switches grandma’s deity painting with Ultraman drawing

This article is more than 12 months old

A grandma in China was furious when she realised that her granddaughter had switched her painting of the deity Guan Yin with an Ultraman drawing, which she prayed to for a month.

The recorded incident, which happened in Guangdong, went viral on social media, reported local Chinese daily, 8World.

In the video, the granny held on to the Ultraman drawing and appeared to be extremely angry after learning the truth.

Her granddaughter, however, could not stop laughing as her grandmother continued to scold her.

Mixed reactions were observed online.

While some netizens criticised the granddaughter’s behaviour for disrespecting the elderly and the religion, others felt that, ultimately, it is who the grandma worshipped in her heart that mattered.