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Headmaster slits own throat after parents attack him

This article is more than 12 months old

A headmaster of a primary school in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu reportedly slit his own throat to avoid being lynched by a mob.

In the undated incident, a 58-year-old headmaster was reportedly beaten up by some of the parents of his students.

This was after they found out that he had shown pornography to some girl students on his laptop, reported Malaysian Tamil newspaper Tamil Nesan.

He also allegedly molested them.

It was unclear how or when the parents found out about the incident.

But when they did, they rushed over to the school with a few other villagers and beat him up.

Somehow the headmaster managed to barricade himself inside a room.

In the meantime, news spread and more villagers joined the group that beat him up.

Afraid that he will be lynched, he decided to slit his own throat.

He survived and was taken to hospital where he was arrested.

Source: The Star Online