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Helicopter footage shows man running amok after beheading grandmother

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​After stabbing an elderly woman multiple times and then beheading her last September, Nicholas Salvador, 25, ran amok on the streets of a north London suburb.

Shirtless with a pair of black trousers, Salvador was out on the streets with a knife and attacked a car on the street by striking the passenger window.

The car then drove off.

He also smashed through the back door of a house.

All of this can be seen in stunning video footage taken from a helicopter. The footage was released earlier this week.



In the video, Salvador is seen charging through several gardens, trying to enter another home.

Several children can be seen playing on the premises.

The officer in the helicopter then says: "We need units inside this premise to save life, ASAP (as soon as possible)."

A police officer then climbs in, via the roof, to make sure that the children and other people in the vicinity retreat into their homes.

Fortunately, Salvador was eventually restrained in a neighbour's front yard - after he was tasered six times.

He left an officer injured in the violent confrontation.

The court was told that Salvador had torn down the fences and kicked in neighbours' doors in the belief he was killing "demons".

Before his rampage, he had stabbed and then beheaded an 82-year-old great-grandmother, Palmira Silva, in her home. 

He was found not guilty of murder after he denied murder by reason on sanity.

The jury took only 40 minutes to return the not guilty verdict in court on Tuesday (June 23).

Two psychiatrists had already diagnosed him as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

Mr Salvador will be confined in a high-security psychiatric hospital for life.

Sources: The Independent, Mirror Online

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