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Hilarious video of ‘etiquette expert’ eating rice

This article is more than 12 months old

British comedy has given us some of the greatest shows ever created. And at first look, this belongs right up there, on some GOAT list.

The problem though is that comedy may not have been what the woman in this video was, shall we say, taking a stab at.

Ms Lucy Challenger, whose TikTok page describes her as a “British Etiquette Expert” was showing viewers how to eat rice “in a formal setting”.

With a fork and knife.

That’s right. And the result is simply hilarious.

It helps that she speaks in a kind of accent which standup comics love to mimic.

She advises viewers not to shovel the rice into the mouth using the fork like a spoon.

Instead, they should push the rice on to the top of the fork with the knife.

“And then neatly place this into your mouth.”


Excuse us Ms Challenger, but have you perhaps tried using the knife to push the rice against the fork, and then gently stabbing each grain to pick it up?

You see, that could be great for a low-carb diet as well.

Anyway, the video was uploaded, and social media, as is its wont, was not entirely kind in its reactions.

It appears that the video was later removed from her TikTok page, which has a great many others, including some on eating fruit.

But of course, once people put something like this online they can’t always remove it.

So you can still watch it here. Enjoy.

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