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'Hope the stadium is hit by flood': M'sian preacher condemns Blackpink for staging show

A Malaysian preacher has condemned K-pop group Blackpink for holding a concert while the country suffers from severe flooding, controversially adding that he hopes the show gets flooded.

In his Facebook post on Friday (Mar 3), a day before the concert, PU Syed criticised the girl group for going ahead with the concert, despite several states still reeling from the effects of continuous rain that began early last week. 

Floods in the country have so far left four dead, and more than 53,000 affected

He wrote: “Johor, Pahang and Sarawak are struggling because of the floods. But Blackpink's concert will carry on as scheduled. Even as natural disasters occur, human beings continue to have fun and commit sinful actions.”

He did not mince his words, adding that he would “pray to God that the floods will happen at Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil instead. Let them have their concert in the middle of the flood!"

Despite heavy rains on Thursday, the concert went ahead as scheduled on Saturday. 

The show also saw the attendance of Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports Hannah Yeoh, which prompted further remarks from Syed. 

“Congrats Malaysia for having a youth and sports minister like her,” he said in another post.

He also shared a screenshot of an Instagram story on Sunday, in which one user tagged him to ask whether he was “mad” that it was not raining at the stadium during the concert. 

He responded: “Laugh all you want. One day, we will laugh at you instead. So many K-pop fans have DM-ed me. They made fun of me and cursed me.”

Syed had been opposed to Blackpink's concert in Malaysia since January. That month, he posted a video on Instagram saying the concert would not “bring any good” to Malaysia as March is also the holy month of Ramadan (Though technically, Ramadan begins on March 22). 

“There are many Muslims who are going to watch them. From [the girl group's] lifestyle and the way they dress, we can see that it's bad. And young Muslims will follow in their footsteps,” he said.