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How an elderly man lost his way and his wallet and found the kindness of strangers

The remarkable thing is that we keep finding it remarkable that people finding a lost wallet will return it.

But they do, and we still do.

Just the other day we had one man waxing lyrical on TikTok about getting back his wallet with some $500 in it.

That was a young British man in Singapore.

Now here is another one, and this time it is an elderly Chinese man in Malaysia, with more than twice as much in his wallet.

The man, identified as Zhou Liangxin in a China Press report, lost the wallet on a bus while travelling from Seremban to Kluang last Friday (May 27).

He got off at the wrong bus stop, and in his anxiety did not notice that the wallet had fallen out, his niece said.

It contained S$1,000 and RM600 (S$188).

A young man on the bus spotted it and notified the bus company, which contacted a relative of Mr Zhou’s, who had booked the ticket for him.

And the same day the niece met the young man and got the wallet back.

Mr Zhou then wanted to meet the young man and thank him in person.

When they met, the next day, Mr Zhou offered him a red packet, which the young man declined to accept.

But they took the picture together and Mr Zhou was moved to tears.

His niece also expressed her gratitude to two strangers who had given the lost elderly man a ride after he got off at the wrong bus stop.