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I thought I was going to die: Malaysian driver whose car was hit by S’pore vehicle

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Ms Nuraini Za’abar’s father had stopped his car at a traffic junction in Kluang last Saturday when he looked up and saw a yellow car flying towards his windscreen.

“I felt like I was going to die,” the 30-year-old Malaysian quoted her father saying when recounting the incident to The Straits Times on Wednesday.

The yellow car, a Singapore-registered Mini Cooper, had crashed into the Toyota which Mr Za’abar was in at a road junction in Jalan Yap Tau Sah in Kluang, Johor.

In the 35-second dashcam footage posted by Ms Nuraini on Twitter on Tuesday, the Mini Cooper could be seen making a sharp left turn before driving over a road divider and crashing into the Toyota, shattering its windscreen. Mr Za’abar was then seen crawling out of his vehicle, with a cut on his face.

A picture of the aftermath posted on Twitter by Ms Nuraini on Saturday showed the two cars lying on their sides, with glass and debris on the road.

A separate video posted on the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group showed passers-by helping to flip the two cars back upright.

Ms Nuraini told ST on Wednesday that her father suffered some minor injuries on his back and his right hand, and had visited the hospital right after the accident.

She added that her father is a private-hire driver and was fetching a passenger at the time of the accident. The passenger left the scene without injuries.

Ms Nuraini said her father had been experiencing trauma since the accident.

“I’ve never seen him cry before, and he has trouble sleeping as the incident keeps flashing right before his eyes,” she said.

She claimed that the drivers did not speak or exchange details at the scene, and have not met since the accident. She also claimed a police officer had told her father, while he made a report last Saturday after the accident, that the Mini Cooper driver was allegedly looking at the Waze traffic app and had lost control of the car.

“The car mechanics told me that the car is a total loss, and we are unsure of the total cost of the damage,” said Ms Nuraini. “I really hope we can meet with the driver at fault and settle this nicely.”