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Indeed’s Irish, Aussie staff to stay home amid S'pore coronavirus link

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DUBLIN: Recruitment website Indeed has told its Ireland and Australia-based employees to work from home to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus, the company said yesterday.

It said one of its employees in Singapore might have been exposed to the coronavirus after family members visited a facility caring for a patient.

Since some employees who visited Singapore also recently visited Indeed's Dublin and Sydney offices, the company said it had asked all employees in both offices to work from home for now.

The company stressed that there were no confirmed cases of infection, and said the move was a precaution to avoid any possible risk to the health and safety of its employees.

Indeed employs around 9,000 people globally, with around 1,000 of those based in Dublin. There have been no cases of the coronavirus in Ireland so far. Australia declared its first confirmed case last month.

The company said that business continues "uninterrupted across the globe".

In a separate development, two more people are suspected to have caught the infection from a British man who attended a conference in Singapore, a health expert said, in addition to the five who had stayed with him at a chalet in France.


The man, Britain's third case of the virus, led first to five people being infected after he stayed for four days in the chalet in Les Contamines-Montjoie late last month, with a group of British holidaymakers as well as a British family who lived in the village.

Now it appears that the disease carried by the same man may have spread elsewhere.

Spanish authorities said on Sunday that a British man had tested positive in Mallorca after coming into contact with an infected person in France. British health officials, meanwhile, said the country's fourth case was a person who caught the illness from a Briton in France. The BBC also reported that a staff member at a British doctors' practice in Brighton has tested positive for coronavirus. It is unclear if this case is included in the eight infected there. - REUTERS