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India: 3 arrested over sex assault video

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NEW DELHI Three men have been arrested after a video emerged showing them assaulting two women in broad daylight as a dozen others looked on and ignored their screams for help, police said yesterday.

The blurry video, aired by Indian television, showed the men groping and pushing the women in Uttar Pradesh state as onlookers laughed and filmed the assault, some of them later posting it on social media.

The incident took place last week in a village in Rampur district when the men surrounded the women, whose identities and ages have not been revealed.

"We have arrested three of the main culprits and expect to get the fourth one shortly," Mr Mohammad Tariq, a senior police official, told AFP.

Police have analysed the footage and concluded that there were four main attackers, but police will be investigating the others who watched, Mr Tariq added.

One of the victims told India's NDTV network that they begged the men to stop and called for help.

"But nobody came, (instead) some more men came and joined the others in harassing us," she said, covering her face with a scarf.

Police have charged the three men with sexual harassment and offences under laws against sharing such a video on social media. - AFP

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