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India, US record surging numbers of coronavirus cases

This article is more than 12 months old

MUMBAI India reported 78,512 coronavirus infections yesterday, more than any other country but slightly lower than the previous day when it posted the world's biggest single-day tally so far, of 78,761.

Deaths went up by 971 in 24 hours, taking the country's tally to 64,469.

The numbers have got the authorities worried, especially with people in rural areas largely abandoning rules aimed at stopping the spread of the virus.

In the United States, the total number of cases neared six million on Sunday, nearly a quarter of the planet's total.

The US had recorded 5.99 million cases of infection, according to Johns Hopkins University's tracker. And the death toll was just over 183,000.

In South Korea, private tuition centres shut for the first time in Seoul yesterday and traffic was light on the first working day of tighter social-distancing rules aimed at halting a second wave ofinfections.

South Korea took the unprecedented step on Friday of restricting the operation of restaurants, coffee shops and cram schools in the capital, with churches, nightclubs and schools already closed. The country reported 238 new cases yesterday.

In New Zealand, schools across Auckland reopened yesterday as the city emerged from an Aug 12 lockdown.

While Aucklanders were allowed out of their homes, the government limited social gatherings to 10 people and made masks compulsory on public transport nationwide. New Zealand had four new cases yesterday.

In South-east Asia, the Philippines reported 3,446 cases yesterday and 38 deaths, taking its total caseload to 220,819 and fatalities to 3,558.

Malaysia recorded six new cases, bringing its total to 9,340. There was one death, taking the toll to 127. - AFP, REUTERS, THE STAR