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Indian tourists steal from Bali villa

This article is more than 12 months old

BALI They were spotted throwing items over the wall of the villa but these were no ordinary thieves.

The villa was part of The Royal Purnama hotel in Bali and the family doing it were tourists from India.

They were caught and a video of their open bags full of their ill gotten gains has gone viral.

The video, viewed more than 317,000 times, was posted by Twitter user Hemanth last Saturday.

In it, members of the family were seen shouting at two men, believed to be staff from the hotel.

One of the men is seen going through the bags and finding several items that belonged to the hotel, including a bottle of liquid soap, towels, a mirror and a hairdryer.

"I will pay," one man said, but the hotel worker does not take the money. "I know you have a lot of money but this is no respect," the worker said.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Indonesian police confirmed the incident had taken place at the hotel located on Jalan Pantai Purnama in Sukawati.

According to the post, written in Bahasa Indonesia, a housekeeping manager saw the guests throwing items over the villa wall, and this prompted the staff to check their luggage.

A supervisor at the hotel recorded the video.

"After the items were found in their bags, the guests acknowledged their mistake and apologised," the police said.

Many netizens criticised the family while others pointed out that their actions were not representative of Indian tourists.