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Indonesian suspects describe plot to kill top officials

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JAKARTA : Indonesian police yesterday aired video testimony from three suspects who alleged that a retired soldier backing the opposition had offered them money and, in one case, a family vacation to join a plot to kill government officials.

Last month, police arrested six people suspected of plotting to assassinate four security officials and a pollster during chaos surrounding protests against the confirmation of President Joko Widodo's election victory.

The targets included Indonesia's Chief Security Minister Wiranto, Chief Maritime Minister, head of intelligence agency and a special presidential security adviser, police said.

At a news conference yesterday, police aired video testimony from the suspects, whose faces were partly obscured and with some details bleeped out.

The suspects claimed the mastermind was retired major-general Kivlan Zen, a supporter of opposition leader Prabowo Subianto. He was also once a military aide to Mr Prabowo.

The suspects said Kivlan picked the targets they were supposed to assassinate in several meetings. Police have charged him with illegally possessing weapons and he is being detained.

His lawyer said the allegations were politically motivated and Kivlan had given money to the suspects to stage a peaceful rally. One of the suspects said he was paid 55 million rupiah (S$5,300) to kill the four officials.

Another said in the video testimony that "after executing those people, Kivlanwould guarantee his wife and children's livelihood, and they would also be able to vacation anywhere". - REUTERS