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iPhone survives boiling cooking oil

KUALA LUMPUR – A Malaysian cook was demonstrating his culinary prowess on TikTok when the iPhone he was using slipped off his hand and fell into a pan full of boiling cooking oil.

His little cooking show had turned into an unorthodox review of Apple’s flagship product.

Spoiler alert: The phone lived.

The 39-second video showed the man – who goes by @zaeim_ainn on TikTok – describing how he makes his goreng ayam – fried chicken.

“Once you see half of the chicken floating to the top of the oil, you can turn down the heat of your pan,” he tells his followers, his phone pointed to a pan of boiling cooking oil.

Then, Murphy’s Law kicked in.

He went for a closer view of his pan, and that’s when his phone slipped from his hand and fell into the pan.

For about 12 seconds, he tried to fish his iPhone out of the pan. The phone kept recording. It went dark, and then red and green, and then showed a blurry image of its owner.

The video then cut into a frame of the cook and his friend checking out the iPhone and marvelling at how it seemed to still be working perfectly fine.

“Thank you, iPhone. Your product is satisfyingly good,” the man then wrote in his video.

The responses were just as amusing.

“Not just water-proof but ‘fried-proof as well,” one commented.

Another said he now knows how a chicken feels when it’s being deep fried.

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