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Japanese man who spent nearly $20,000 on dog costume shares video of his fun outing

A dog-lover who reportedly spent two million yen (S$19,000) to fulfil his desire to “become an animal” has posted a video of himself being taken on a walk outdoors – complete with his life-like bespoke dog costume.

The man, known only as Toco, posted the video on his YouTube channel, which boasts 30,000 subscribers. It shows him being taken for a walk. He is also seen sniffing other dogs in a park and rolling around on the ground.

The video was posted six days ago although its caption suggests the walk in the park took place sometime in 2022, when Toco was interviewed by German TV station RTL.

Prior to the outing, Toco had said he felt nervous and a little scared about venturing outdoors.

But the video showed that he was warmly received by passers-by and even other dogs.

Toco said he wears sandals to protect his feet and the bottom of the costume from getting dirty.

The man behind the dog costume said he enjoys “doing things that only dogs do”.

In February 2023, he acquired a cage to fulfil his canine fantasy.

Instead of having a free run of the house, Toco is locked up in the cage at night, according to a report in news site Indiatimes.

Toco’s videos have garnered tens of thousands of views and received many messages of support.

But despite the adoration, Toco said he will continue to mask his identity. He said he does not want to be judged by the people he knows.