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Just how hot is it? Carriage horse collapses on New York City street

A horse pulling a carriage along a street in midtown Manhattan collapsed in the middle of the road on Wednesday, Aug 10, reigniting the heated debate over the future of carriage horses in New York City.

The horse was pulling the carriage up Ninth Avenue when it suddenly fell to the ground, witnesses said.

The driver had no choice but to let the horse lay there, while police doused it with water and ice – assuming it had suffered from heat exhaustion. 

A video taken by a bystander shows the driver attempting to pull up the animal and hitting it, yelling, "Get up! Come on! Get up! Get up!" as it lies on the ground. The horse instead puts down its head.

The horse, named Ryder, stayed resting on the hot pavement for some time, but eventually got back up on its own.

Police later took the horse back to the stable, where Ryder was seen eating hay while waiting for the veterinarian. 

Carriage horses in the Central Park area have returned to work for the first time since the pandemic hit New York City two years ago.

Advocates have called for horse and carriage rides to be banned in the city, and the city council is considering that legislation.

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