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Kim's body will not be released until test done

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KUALA LUMPUR The body of Mr Kim Jong Nam, the assassinated half-brother of North Korea's leader, will not be released until his family have provided DNA samples, Malaysia said yesterday, despite a request from Pyongyang.

Forensic specialists yesterday began testing samples from the victim's body to try to determine the toxin that was apparently sprayed in his face.

North Korean diplomats objected to the post-mortem examination, Malaysian officials said, but Kuala Lumpur has stood firm.

The Selangor state police chief told AFP: "North Korea has submitted a request to claim the body, but before we release the body, we have to identify who the body belongs to."

DNA from a child, sibling - or even half-sibling - would be enough to confirm the identity, a Malaysian forensic investigator said.- AFP

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