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Leave criminal investigations to the cops: Johor police chief

This article is more than 12 months old

JOHOR BARU: The police have advised the public not to act hastily and to leave it to the authorities when they come across criminal activities.

State police chief Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said that lodging a report was important as it allowed the police to carry out a proper investigation.

"I would like to remind everyone that you cannot take matters into your own hands," he said yesterday.

Datuk Mohd Khalil was commenting on a case where two female Chinese nationals were beaten up by a group of people after allegedly scamming an elderly victim.

In a three-minute video taken on Saturday morning, the two female suspects can be seen in a dishevelled state, sitting on the ground with their hands tied up and fruits strewn all around them.

A piece of cardboard with Chinese words on it, roughly translating to "hypnosis gang", can be seen in front of the duo.

A man then approaches them and hits them with a stick, causing them to wail in pain.

More people start to approach the duo and pelt them with eggs and fruits, causing one of them to roll on the ground and wail even louder.

According to initial investigations, the suspects approached a 63-year-old victim at a market and told her that her family was in grave danger.

They offered her "medicine" to take to avoid further misfortune and the victim was then instructed to go home and bring money and jewellery for prayers, which they said would rid her and her family of bad luck.


The suspects then put the valuables into a plastic bag and told her she could open it only in two weeks in order for the "charm" to work.

But when she did, all she found was two bottles of mineral water.

The suspects, who will be remanded till today, are being investigated for cheating. - THE STAR