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Mahathir: Malays must work hard to gain respect

This article is more than 12 months old

SHAH ALAM: The Malays must work hard and strengthen their position in order to be strong and respected by others, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said.

He said the community had become dependent on others, who have now progressed further than the Malays, and that the same was happening with Malays refusing to do many jobs, most of which are being filled by foreign labour.

"This is the reality and as long as we cannot accept reality, our dignity cannot be redeemed," said Dr Mahathir at the Malay Dignity Congress yesterday.

He added that in spite of Malaysia belonging to the Malays, history would tell how the Malays had declined to shoulder the burden of striving towards the growth of their nation.

He said: "Today we find we have to share with others. Why? Because we are not willing to shoulder the burden as a liberated race.

"Because we cannot shoulder everything, others came in when they saw the opportunities."

The Prime Minister said only the Malays can restore the dignity of the community and they must stop expecting others to do it for them.

"Don't ask others to do something to restore our dignity. We, the Malays, are the ones who have to restore the dignity of the Malays." - THE STAR