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Mahathir says he called for Trump's resignation to save US

This article is more than 12 months old

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad says he called for the resignation of US President Donald Trump to save the US.

The Prime Minister said his recent criticism was not levelled at the American public - only at Mr Trump.

"Americans are nice people but not President Trump.

"I asked him to resign to save America," he said, after a dialogue with French companies yesterday.

On Saturday, Dr Mahathir said that Mr Trump must resign over his Middle East peace plan.

He also said that he would talk to China to support the cause of Palestinians against Israeli forces as he felt non-Muslim superpowers such as China, Japan and Korea must be concerned about the oppression of Palestinians by the Israelis as it is a human rights issue.

On Jan 28, Mr Trump had announced that part of the peace plan would include the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's "undivided capital" as well as recognition of Israeli sovereignty over territory that it envisaged under the plan as being part of Israel.


The US Embassy to Malaysia, in response, had expressed disappointment over Dr Mahathir's call, saying the remarks were not in the constructive spirit that served as a long-standing foundation between both countries.

In a separate development, Parti Keadilan Rakyat chief Anwar Ibrahim also criticised the US peace plan.

Mr Anwar, who is the chairman of the Caucus on Reform and Governance, said he strongly opposed the plan.

"The Trump peace plan confers and supports the dispossession of people's land, robbing people's land," he said.

Mr Anwar also criticised fellow Muslim countries for allowing Israel, with the US' support, to continuously trample United Nations' countless resolutions pertaining to the Palestine- Israeli conflict .- THE STAR