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Malaysia MP poses in pothole for protest photo

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Unrepaired potholes in a road in Bukit Rambai, Malacca, drew the ire of the Tangga Batu MP, Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah, who sat in one as a sign of protest.

The Science, Technology and Innovation deputy minister posted a complaint on Facebook about the potholes.

The issue was earlier raised with the Melaka Tengah district office, reported the New Straits Times.

Dr Abu Bakar wrote on Facebook: "4.40pm (in) Jalan Bukit Berlian (in) Bukit Rambai.

"District office ignored even after a complaint is made."

He then took several pictures of himself pointing out potholes in the middle of the road, including one of him sitting in a large pothole.

"This is the fate of an elected representative," he wrote on his Facebook page. "When the roads have holes, they say the elected representative is not doing his job."


Dr Abu Bakar added: "When I made a complaint, complaints to the relevant authorities went unheeded. That is why I am taking a picture of me sitting in the middle of the road."

He then cynically invited others to take pictures as though they were tourists.

"Come, let's all take a group shot.. The view from here is beautiful..." he wrote.

Dr Abu Bakar's rant drew more than 1,000 likes, 148 comments and 132 shares, just six hours after being uploaded.

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