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Malaysian actress gets hit in the face by 6kg bowling ball in on-set accident

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Dropping a 6kg bowling ball on your foot would hurt enough, but imagine if you fell and it smashed into your face. 

One Malaysian actress had that exact painful experience during filming recently. 

Actress Sheila Rusly, who plays a disabled bowler in the drama series Ratu Ten Pin, was using a wheelchair at the time of the incident, presumably while in character. 

Her husband, Malaysian television director and producer Azman Yahya, shared a video of the accident on Instagram on Feb 22.

In the video, Rusly, 50, is in the wheelchair with a 6kg bowling ball resting on her lap. 

She rolls the wheelchair up a ramp towards the bowling lane, but suddenly topples backward, and the bowling ball ends up striking her face.

Staff can be seen rushing to her aid and wiping blood off her face. 


Azman said in the post: “Only God knows how distressed I was when I saw a 13-lbs bowling ball land on your face.

"Your mouth is full of blood, but I know you can bear it. I know you can overcome the pain, because at that time, you were not Sheila Rusly, but (her character) Mem Maria, someone who is unstoppable. Speedy recovery, babe.” 

According to Malaysian newspaper Kosmos, Rusly has recovered and resumed her work on set.