Malaysian blogger attacked while jogging alone

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A popular Malaysian blogger found herself the victim of an attempted snatch theft at Bukit Gasing at 8am on Thursday.

Ms Rebecca Saw shared her harrowing experience on Facebook where two men on a motorcycle tried to snatch her iPhone when she was hiking alone at a popular Petaling Jaya forest reserve, reported Malaysia's The Star.

"I was a victim of opportunistic crime - alone, no witness, snatch-and-run," said Ms Saw.

"We hear so many of these cases of snatch theft and like many others, I thought 'it won't happened to me'.

HURT: Ms Rebecca Saw showing the scratches on her back. She fell and tumbled down a slope from the attack. -- PHOTO: CHINA PRESS

"The truth is, it can happen to any one."

Ms Saw said she would usually hike with a group but decided to go solo when she missed her regular group.

She said two men on a motorcycle approached her, and one of them tried to grab her phone.

"Everything happened so fast after that. Before I could turn, the bike stopped behind me and I felt someone grabbing my right hand, which was holding on to my iPhone.

"In shock, I gripped my phone tighter and spun around," she said.

Ms Saw said she and the man struggled. The attacker then grabbed her arm more aggressively and ripped her top.

According to Ms Saw, the attack lasted less than 10 seconds.


"I was just shocked. And I instinctively screamed and tried to hold on to my phone," she said.

"Next thing I knew, I was tumbling backwards and rolling down the slope."

Ms Saw said she hit her head. She added that her back was scratched and her neck was twisted slightly during the fall.

When she fell, the two men fled the scene empty-handed. She found other hikers to lead her out of the forest reserve.

She later lodged a police report at a Petaling Jaya police station.

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