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Malaysian hawker’s ‘oxygen curry puffs’ a hit with customers

Fancy some oxygen curry puffs?

A Malaysian hawker’s unique curry puffs have been selling like hot cakes, despite being made without any filling.

In a TikTok video posted by Abucarimakan, the hawker known as Ayu from Batu Caves in the state of Selangor, is seen making her one-of-a-kind curry puffs, which she sells for RM0.30 (S$0.087) each.

The video, with the caption “oxygen curry puff really exists”, has garnered over 2 million views since it was posted on Sept 23.

Ms Ayu said the idea came about when she had leftover dough, after running out of fillings.

She also said her son was not fond of the normal curry puff fillings, so “oxygen curry puff” was born.

“After that, I decided to sell them. They kept selling out, some customers even asked if I can sell a frozen version,” she said.

To ensure that the puffs do not taste bland, Ms Ayu adds a teaspoon of sugar in the dough.

Ms Ayu also sells sardine curry puffs and prawn fritters. But it is the oxygen puffs that has wowed netizens, with many admitting they enjoy eating curry puffs without any fillings.

“For some people like me, happiness is eating curry puffs without fillings,” a customer named AN, commented on TikTok.

Another customer, Mr Paman Ayey, said such curry puffs allowed him to dip it in either curry or asam pedas gravy.

For another customer named Eija, she was glad to discover the existence of such curry puffs as her children eat only the crust and not the fillings.

“I am glad I don’t have to finish up the leftover curry puff fillings,” she said.

However, there were also some who poked fun at the unusual snack.

“Next time, please have carbon dioxide and helium curry puffs,” one netizen wrote, while another said the hawker should just “sell oxygen because I don’t like to eat crust.”


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