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Malaysians in Dublin suffer 'racist attack' by teens, says former newscaster in social media post

This article is more than 12 months old

Four Malaysians experienced a racist attack while travelling in Dublin, Ireland, when a group of teenagers beat them and screamed "I will f—ing kill you" at them.

The horrifying experience was shared by former Malaysian newscaster Norzie Pak Wan Chek on Facebook on Dec 5 – the day after the ordeal.

Ms Norzie said her niece, a friend and the friend's two siblings – all between the ages of 18 and 27 – were waiting for a bus around 8.15pm when they were harassed by a group of teenage boys who threw an empty can and tossed fries from the floor at her niece.

The Malaysians walked away, but the attackers pursued and circled around them on their bicycles, occasionally braking hard to scare them while threatening to kill her niece, who is a junior doctor doing her housemanship in Clonmel, a town in Ireland. 

"Four of the boys removed their bicycle seat posts and started hitting my niece at the back of her neck. My niece's friend and the friend's brother quickly shielded her, and not once laid a hand on the attackers as they were clearly outnumbered,” Ms Norzie said.

"The rest of the boys then stepped in and started punching the friend and my niece's arms, eyes and backs.

"The boys only left after my niece managed to dial 999 and got through to the police, while the friend's younger sister screamed for help. It was raining and dark.”

She added that when the police did not arrive 30 minutes later, a kind passerby gave them a lift to the nearest police station about three minutes away to file a report.

They were given medical assistance before leaving Dublin and are now back home in Malaysia.

"What happened to my niece and her friends that night should not happen to anyone,” Ms Norzie said.