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Malaysians unhappy with getai host Wang Lei's livestream gimmicks

Getai performer and livestream host Wang Lei, 61, has upset some Malaysian netizens with his social media posts.

The Malaysia International Humanitarian Organisation (MHO), which purports to help foreign workers in Malaysia, has said Wang's videos contain "obscene content".

The Malaysian Malay-language daily Berita Harian - which is unrelated to the newspaper of the same named published by SPH Media Trust in Singapore - reported that the MHO has submitted a memo to the authorities to blacklist Wang.

MHO secretary Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim highlighted an April 25 livestream in which Wang donned a pink bra and cream skirt to help sell clothes by Johor clothing brand Peni Concept.

Datuk Hishamuddin called these actions "indecent" and said they "encouraged porn culture ".

He added: "(Wang) was reported to have made a promotion at a shopping center in Ipoh, Perak which was broadcast live on his Facebook, asking a local woman to blow (up) condoms to make them into balloons."

The MHO claimed that more than 20 police reports had been made against Wang, requesting that the authorities "take action".

Though controversial, Wang's cross-dressing gimmick appeared  to have been successful, as he reportedly sold 8,000 bras in 15 minutes.

It is not the first time the veteran getai singer has landed in the soup among the Malaysian netizenry.

It was reported in April that he had angered other local livestreamers with his offer of a cash reward for information about a woman who had gone missing earlier that month.

He said the offer was made despite great personal risk to himself.

"If (the woman) has really been kidnapped by someone, have I offended the kidnappers? Won't it be very dangerous for me...? What if they let her go and kidnap me instead? I'm older so I'm easier to catch," he said.

Malaysians accused him of making the country out to be more dangerous than it actually is.

Such was the heat that Singapore film-maker Jack Neo stepped up to defend Wang, explaining that his actions were borne of good intentions.

"He is a simple-minded person, when he sets his mind to do something, he doesn't care about anything else or who he might offend," said Neo during a Facebook Live video.