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Malaysia’s weather agency warns north-east monsoon to begin next week

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KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia’s Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) on Thursday said the north-east monsoon will hit the country from next week, just days after campaigning kicks off for the general election.

The monsoon will begin on Nov 7 and is expected to last until March 2023, the department said.

Previously, the monsoon was forecast to begin in mid-November. Malaysia’s 15th general election will be held on Nov 19.

“As with previous monsoon seasons, continuous heavy rain for even a few days has been known to cause floods in low-lying areas and areas next to rivers.

“If the heavy rain and the high tide phenomenon take place at the same time, there will be higher risk of floods,” said MET Malaysia.

The high tide phenomenon is expected to take place from Nov 6 to 11, Nov 22 to 27, Dec 7 to 12, Dec 22 to 26, Jan 6 to 10 and Jan 21 to 25.

During the north-east monsoon, north-easterly winds are expected to blow continuously, bringing about rough seas and big waves in the South China Sea.

MET Malaysia advised the public to make preparations and stay updated with the latest information, which they can obtain from the department’s website as well as its social media platform.

The Umno government has been slammed for deciding to hold the general election early, in the monsoon season, when the deadline for polls is September 2023.

Last year saw one of Malaysia’s worst floods in history, with 54 people killed and damage amounting to about RM6.5 billion (S$1.9 billion).

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