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Man accused of cheating when he brings in 'strange pair of undies' from laundry

Fortunately, he was saved by his social media post

A man in Malaysia had to turn to social media for help when his wife falsely suspected him of having an affair. 

All because he picked up a piece of underwear from the clothesline while doing the laundry. 

The man, who goes by the username Aimzama on Twitter, explained that he picked up the garment thinking that it belonged to his wife. 

It did not, and the wife then accused him of bringing another woman into their home. 

When he tried and failed to convince her that that wasn't the case, he took to social media to share his predicament. 

Fortunately, a neighbour saw his post and came to the rescue.

The neighbour said she had also seen the same item of clothing at the clothesline, and believed that someone simply found and placed it there. 

Meanwhile, netizens found the man’s drama rather amusing.

Some pointed out that garments hanging on clotheslines often fall by the wayside in flats, while one even suggested that residents should mark the unit number on their underwear to prevent misunderstandings.

Lesson from the tale: Always know what underwear your wife wears.

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