Man dressed as woman steals jewellery worth $66,000

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A man entered an unattended goldsmith shop in Malaysia in the guise of a woman and stole RM200,000 (S$66,000) worth of jewellery.

The 35-year-old Malaysian wore a tudung and had heavy make-up on while committing the crime.

Police arrested the thief at his rented house in the town of Marang in Terengganu state at about 11pm on Sunday (Jan 3), 32 hours after the incident.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Hamzah said passers-by saw a heavily made-up "woman" wearing a pink and blue tudung, pink T-shirt and red long pants walk into the shop at about 4.30pm on Saturday (Jan 2).

At that time, the shop was empty as the owner had just left to perform her afternoon prayers.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed the thief reaching through the bars and opening the locked drawer to the displayed gold ornaments.

"In less than a minute, the suspect took jewellery worth about RM200,000 from the drawer," ACP Wan Abdul Aziz said at a press conference on Monday (Jan 4).

He said that CCTV footage taken three days before the theft showed a suspicious-looking man walking into the shop.

"He was observing the drawers and trying to find out if his hands could reach any of the drawers through the bars," he said.

Police tracked the suspect down to his rented house.

"The gold ornaments were found in his house. They were stashed in bags, shoes and other places.

"We also found the pink and blue tudung and the clothes he wore during the theft hanging in a room.

"The man admitted to the crime and said that he had stopped at a petrol station to change his clothes."

ACP Wan Abdul Aziz said the man tested positive for metamphetamine and morphine and has been remanded for 14 days.

Only about RM80,000 worth of jewellery has been recovered so far.

Source: The Star

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