Married man faked hijack plot to get out of trip with girlfriend

This article is more than 12 months old

HYDERABAD: A 32-year-old man was arrested by police last Thursday after he allegedly sent a hoax e-mail about a terror plot involving the hijacking of aircraft in several Indian cities.

All Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna wanted to do, however, was to avoid going on a vacation with a girlfriend he met online.

The incident resulted in beefed up security at airports in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai, although no flights were cancelled.

A statement by the Hyderabad police said Krishna had sent an e-mail to their Mumbai counterparts, claiming to be a woman who had overheard six men at a hotel plotting to hijack planes.

Police investigators traced the IP address to an Internet cafe in Hyderabad, and at first narrowed the e-mail's sender to eight people.

Krishna, a travel agent who is married with a child, was identified as the culprit after they reviewed CCTV footage.

He confessed that he had an online girlfriend in Chennai who had asked to go on a trip with him to Mumbai and Goa.

But as he had no money, Krishna hatched a plan to send his girlfriend a fake plane ticket from Chennai to Mumbai, before creating an e-mail account and sending the hoax e-mail to police.

At a press conference on the case, Mr B. Limba Reddy, deputy commissioner of police at the commissioner's task force in Hyderabad who led the investigation, told CNN that Krishna was arrested on four charges, including impersonation and providing false information.

"He didn't have the money, but if he cancelled because of that, it would have hurt his pride, and his friendship with the girl would have come to an end," said Mr Reddy.

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