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May appeals to Labour for help to implement policy

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LONDON: A weakened Theresa May came under fresh pressure yesterday to soften her Brexit position, adding to uncertainty about her negotiating strategy with Brussels one year after she became Britain's leader.

The prime minister marked the anniversary with a speech in which she appealed to the main Labour opposition party to help implement her policies, a month after losing her majority in a general election.

Amid rumours of plans to oust her, Ms May accepted that "the reality I now face as prime minister is rather different" than it was before the June 8 election.

Key parts of her Brexit plan are now under fire from critics within her own party who want a more moderate approach and whose voices are suddenly influential because of the election result.

The real showdown is expected after the government publishes the Repeal Bill tomorrow, a hefty draft law aimed at scrapping the cornerstone of Britain's EU membership, the European Communities Act.

The opposition is already planning amendments, which would also adopt, amend or repeal thousands of EU laws that currently apply in Britain. Liberal Democrat Vince Cable told the BBC doubts over withdrawal mean it may not happen."I'm beginning to think (it) may never happen."- AFP

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