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Mob attack on Capitol: Timeline of events

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Washington time, EDT, is 13 hours behind Singapore.

Wednesday noon EDT

US President Donald Trump takes the stage at the rally in front of the White House. He speaks for about an hour and encourages his supporters to march on the Capitol. He tells them he would "never concede". A pro-Trump mob starts to mass outside Congress.


Congress starts joint session, presided over by US Vice-President Mike Pence.


Mob storms the Capitol. Protesters wearing Make America Great Again apparel and carrying Confederate flags make their way up the exterior steps of the Capitol. They begin pushing through barricades. Lawmakers, staff and media shelter in the chambers and offices at first, before some are moved to a more secure location. As crowd goes on rampage, Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt is fatally shot by security officers.


Citywide 6pm to 6am curfew announced.


President-elect Joe Biden addresses the nation.


Announcement that the Capitol is secure.

Just past 8pm Debate resumes in Senate.


Debate resumes in the House. Several hours later, Congress formally certifies Mr Biden's election victory. Immediately after, Mr Trump pledges an "orderly transition" when Mr Biden is sworn into office on Jan 20, although he repeats his election fraud claim. - THE STRAITS TIMES