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M’sian girl finds her cherished K-pop collectibles burnt and disposed by father

This article is more than 12 months old

A young Malaysian girl came home to discover that her father had burned her entire K-pop collection of merchandise. 

A video of the girl crying as she sifts through the burnt memorabilia has gone viral, garnering messages of sympathy from netizens.   

Among the burned items were journals of her own creation.

The video was shared on Twitter with the caption, "If you can't be supportive parents, you can just talk slowly (to your child) before taking such actions and burning all the items, some of which were given by the child’s friends. If you don't want the k-pop stuff in the house, tell your child to sell it or give it to someone who wants it."

In the video, the young girl is crying while going through a pile of ashes outside. It is revealed that the parents had burned her K-pop-related items because the girl was “obsessed with K-pop”.

The incident grabbed the attention of mainstream news outlets, including K-pop news site Allkpop.

It also inspired Public Health Malaysia, a popular health and wellness-focused Facebook page, to upload a post guiding parents on how to navigate their kids’ interest in pop idols in a healthy way.

Several netizens criticised the father’s harsh actions, saying there were many better ways to have handled the situation. 

One commented: "If you can’t respect your children then why have children in the first place? My heart breaks for her so much, I hope she’s okay.”

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