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M'sian student and friends recreate cai png experience in UK

Food is life for most Asians, and food craving can be among the hardest form of longing when an Asian is away from home.

For a group of Asian students studying in the United Kingdom, it was the cai png (or economy rice) blues that hit them the hardest.

Malaysian student going by the handle KeyeenotKeeyee uploaded a TikTok video of the students recreating the cai png experience, complete with the quintessential red plates.

Among the spread in the kitchen were dishes that included prawns, clams, omelette and chicken. At the end of trays of cai png goodness sat a rice cooker that would earn the approval of Uncle Roger.

To complete the cai png experience, one of the students played the role of a hawker, calculating the price of each plate. He can be heard saying "five ringgit" on the video, eliciting playful protests from netizens who insisted it was too cheap.


@keyeeeeeee ???? The boys do all the cooking, the girls eat ?‍? #mixedrice #malaysianfood #malaysian #internationalstudent #uk ♬ original sound - KeyeenotKeeyee


Props to the students who went the extra mile in addressing their cai png blues.

What do you miss most when you are away from home for an extended period of time?